As Artist in Residence at the Ruwenzori Sculpture Foundation Kate investigated the death rites of the Bakonjo people who still live and work around the Ruwenzori mountains, and originating from the Congo, the neighbouring country. During this time she interviewed witch doctors, storytellers, cultural leaders and some of the people in the local community. The outcomes will be an exhibition of artwork produced in conjunction with the anthropological information gathered in the field for Uganda House, Trafalgar Square, London. There will also be some journal publications, along with the blog which is already up and running.

This project was funded and supported by the RSF, British Institute in Eastern Africa, British Council and the Royal Commonwealth Society.

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2007 - 2010
Post Doctoral Research

A Practice-based Collaboration between a Contemporary Nigerian Sculptor, Amarachi Okafor, and Kate Parsons Investigating the Same Nigerian Anthropological Source of Mbari Shrines.

Talks by Amarachi in UK 2007 - Click on images to enlarge.

More Research 2009

Talks by Kate in Nigeria 2008 - Click on images to enlarge.

My Blog

This blog continues on into the practical art work sponsored by the Arts Council England, University of Nigeria, National Art Gallery, Abuja, Nigeria and supported by Goldsmiths College and the RCA, London.


Practice-based Investigation

PhD Research: Crossing Boundaries: Context and Cultural transformation with reference to the Giriama ‘Vigango’ of Kenya

Published in IJADE Vol.24:3  2005

Theoretical Study

MA Research: A Comparative Study of F.E. Staff’s Attitudes to Multi-Cultural Curriculum Reform in Art and Design Education

Published in JADE Vol.14:1 1995