Artwork Archive

Day/Night 2009

Two short films referencing binary oppositions, embedded in the processes of making Igbo Mbari Houses, are seen as 'Night' and 'Day'.

Diseased Wall Series I-IV 2006

A series of four digital images taken from my own kitchen, produced as Lambda prints mounted on Dibond.

Gap Piece 2001

This piece was the physical construction of an invisible space between the brick wall of my studio and the clay and stick relief (Panel V) in front of it.

It's all about the Monkey 2006

This installation uses text, sound and smell to create contrasting elements in the context of a Christian chapel.

The Cabinet of Curiosities 2007

This is an on-going project, started as a visual diary, but it developed into a collection of curiosities.

Floor Pieces 2002-04

Exploring the idea of above and below, with a definite progression of deterioration.

Panel Series I-V 2000

The Panel Series evolved from deconstructing ‘Shelter’ a large architectural piece made from a clay, straw and sand mixture.

Presence/Absence II 2009

This is the second construction of an installation called 'Presence/Absence' specifically commissioned for the Phoenix Gallery.

Consumption 24/7 2006

This multi-media installation draws a parallel with Materialism and Capitalism in the context of the shopping centre.

Presence/Absence 2005

The essential idea in this installation was of transience and precariousness.

UN-Reality 2009

These three loops explore the notions of the unexpected and magic, which was always in the back of peoples' minds in Nigeria

Wall Series 2002-04

The 'Wall Pieces', represented as a 'fragment', were the result of an investigation into the Giriama Commemorative Grave Posts of Kenya.

Wall Installation 2007-8

This wall installation spans my studio wall (25' long x 10' high) and is specific to the building and the materials used for construction.

Wall Intervention 2008

This wall intervention spans the gallery wall (25' long x 10' high x 20” depth) and has been made to blend into the building, using the same materials.

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